Thursday, August 31, 2006

Whenever I think about Tim Gunn, I get so excited! I wish my Lexicon could be as big as his! I'm told if I work on it long and hard enough, it'll actually grow.

Let's try to build up our vocabulary by using big and fancy words that even Tim Gunn would be proud using. Who says you can't learn something useful by watching Project Runway?

propinquity [proh-ping-kwi-tee] - noun
  1. nearness in place; proximity.
  2. nearness of relation; kinship.
  3. affinity of nature; similarity.
  4. nearness in time.

Example: The mere propinquity of Angela in the room sends Jeffrey into a tizzy.

Seeing Stars

Who knew that after watching last week's knock-down drag-out fight, WE would be the one seeing stars?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vincent, Hollywood is Beckoning You!

If fashion doesn't work out for you, maybe there's a career waiting for you in Hollywood.

This time, please don't show us your ass!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wake Up, Patricia!!!

Apparently, it's not just the outfits that are boring. Can someone please wake Patricia up? Now, where's that air horn?

Just teasing you, Robert! Still love you though. You're one of my favorites from this season of Project Runway.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Momma Mia! - Week 7

This episode started off much like this season – with so much promise, but it went quickly downhill from there.

The moms and sisters came out from behind the scrim to surprise the designers. If not for anything else, it gave us a clearer picture as to how the designers got to be the way they are today.

Everyone started to cry tears of joy until Heidi dropped “zie bomb” and made them cry for real.

The designers had to design an everyday outfit for one of the other designer’s mom/sister. Kayne said he picked Pam (Michael’s mom) because they had so much in common. The rhinestones on her sandals made HER toes twinkle – and Kayne IS a big ol' Twinkletoe!

Now, we’re off to see the Wizard Oompa Loompa at the Tavern on the Green.

Michael Kors was there with his mother, who looks like a MORE masculine version of her son. OK, who am I kidding. She's a masculine version of her son.

Back at Parsons, the other designers were busy making their garments while little Jeffy played hide-and-go-seek with Angela’s mom, Darlene. Later, we see Angela consoling her mom in the breakroom. Jeffrey’s mom came over and made an excuse for her little Jeffy. I thought she was going to go back to Jeffy’s workspace to slap some sense into him. But alas, she rewarded her son’s bad behavior by nuzzling him close to her bosom. No wonder Jeffrey is the way he is!

In my book, making a woman cry is downright criminal. I don’t care if you were sober or falling down drunk, there’s just no excuse for making someone's mom cry. Unless you were over there chopping onions, I don’t want to hear about it!

So now we’re on the runway. Uli’s dress for Kayne’s mom looked like the clear winner (or at least a "see-through" winner).

But, they gave the win to Vincent instead. He did an OK job for Uli’s mom. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s just something missing. Maybe it needed a little more accessorizing. How about one of his signature whackadoo hats?

Now that’s much better. All we’re missing is Santino’s turkey outfit from last season. Which one you ask? You’re right, I should have been more specific. He had quite a few turkeys last year.

To maintain the balance in the universe after last week’s auffing of the “offbeat” Alison, the judges decided to give the “boring” Robert the boot. He’ll have to go back to playing with dolls.

With our little sunshine gone, the forecast for next week looks very gloomy indeed.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Welcome to Project Yawnur – where things are a little bass-ackward

Welcome to my new blog! I'm going to dish about my favorite show, Project Runway. Yes, I still consider it my favorite show, despite the fact that this season is more about friction than fashion. What other choices do I have? Watching that damn Chicken George on Big Brother? No thanks.

OK, we're already halfway through the season and I've always said it's better to arrive fashionably late anyway, don't you agree? Hopefully, I can inject a little bit of humor into a season that is sorely lacking it. Enjoy.