Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Project: Vote - Not in the Mood Category

Here are your nominations for the Fugliest outfit on Project Runway that are made out of non-traditional materials. Remember, you can only vote once a day. Polls will be open until next Wednesday at Noon Eastern, at which time the "In the Mood" poll (outfits made out of fabric bought at Mood or we're supplied to the designers by Banana Republic or Macy's) will begin.

Out of all of the challenges on Project Runway, which outfit was the Fugliest outfit made out of non-traditional materials?
S1 - Starr's foil and bow : Supermarket Challenge
S1 - Wendy's candy and rope : Supermarket Challenge
S2 - Guadalupe's purple and patterns : COYB Challenge
S2 - Zulema's gold sweater dress : COYB Challenge
S3 - Vincent's basket hat : Wall-to-Wall Challenge
S3 - Kayne's green dumpster diving : Recycling Challenge
S3 - Vincent's art canvas : Recycling Challenge
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